Oculist Witness/ Hiroshi Sugimoto/ 2014

LIZWORKS presents Oculist Witness by Hiroshi Sugimoto

Oculist Witness is a limited edition sculpture piece by artist Hiroshi Sugimoto, commissioned by Liz Swig, founder of LIZWORKS, and produced by Selima Optique. The unique collaboration produced a wearable eyewear edition that is comprised of a pair of sterling silver eyeglasses with a palette of seven interchangeable tinted lenses covering the spectrum of grays. The boxed set is limited to 25. Artist Sugimoto partly takes inspiration from Marcel Duchamp’s The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass).

LIZWORKS was founded by Liz Swig in 2014 as a multi-faceted arts consultancy. The company made its public debut in September 2015, with the release of several artist editions. LIZWORKS is a new kind of business, created to advise on and expand the definition of cultural partnerships, creating magic in the unexpected pairings of artists and brands.