SO-IL presents it is not what it is…

Work has changed. It has become a fluid activity, liberated from place. Modes of work are more complex, casual and spontaneous. With that, our tools demand review. Monofunctional furniture has become obsolete. Desk ≠ desk, chair ≠ chair. Our places of work require hybridity and its furniture must accept misuse and reinterpretation.

For Knoll Furniture Company, SO – IL has produced three furniture pieces; simultaneously seating, surfaces, and objects made to respond to the increasingly fluid nature of creative production in the workspace. The pieces act as an assemblage; they absorb new organizations and allow for accidental interaction. This assembly of furniture is not a defined set for production, but instead, a provocation for a world where leisure and labor co-mingle.

Founded by Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu in 2008, and currently led in partnership with Ilias Papageorgiou, SO – IL designs buildings, interiors, furniture and landscapes. SO – IL is a collective of diverse thinkers and makers, engaged with the rapidly changing social and economic environment through active dialogue, which considers context, function, and possibility.