Verande/ DIMORESTUDIO/ 2016

DIMORESTUDIO presents Verande

The project by DIMORESTUDIO proposes a place inhabiting an indoor & outdoor space. The structure has been conceived as a generous open pavilion that envelops the visitor in a winter garden full of uncultivated and wild vegetation evocative of the landscapes of the Finzi Contini. Constructed as a framed structure with tall columns that support an external canopy, clad externally with red glossy beaded wood, the large space is enclosed on four sides by blue cotton curtains. The lightness of the fabric is highlighted by the movement created by ceiling fans. The same gentle breeze rustles through tall plants creating a jungle effect that establishes the perimeter around the space. Creamy, white or dark navy blue garden furniture is scattered around the space embellished with brass accents and white and red striped satin silk cushions.

The flooring is developed from a concept of Italian origins, in a marble white linoleum, with black and grey bands, creating a design reminiscent of the famous Italian architect Piero Portaluppi, that continues along the columns through to the ceiling perimeter.

The choice of the color palette, ranging from red, cream, milk, and navy blue, alongside brass detailing of certain metal structures, such as the spherical lamps with small collars attaching them to the columns, has been created by DIMORESTUDIO to accentuate the decidedly romantic contrast, decadence, of a languid space, that seems set in a bygone era. It is an entirely Italian concept, for an environment in which to relax, where time stands still.