In A Silent Space The Landscape Is The Sound/ Enea Landscape/ 2016

Enea Landscape Architecture presents In A Silent Space The Landscape Is The Sound

The meditation space created by Izumi & Hara is a protective shell for anyone looking for a moment of calm or a refuge from overwhelming stimuli. The space was created with minimalistic gestures, clean forms, and appealing proportions – its attractive aura simply cannot be ignored.

Enzo Enea couldn’t resist extending this space so that the visitor is able to experience it as the artists intended – in a place of calm and quiet, it is the landscape that becomes the sound. The use of very few components and the meticulous attention paid to the dimensions and textures are the main formal aspects of our design. Enea was inspired by the large void and the inner landscape of the tsukubai, and thus decided to create a landscape to complement these features, while continually striving to arrange pairs of objects in proportions that fit the golden ratio. High and dense bamboo echoes the protective effect, framing the huge maple tree and emphasizing the atmosphere of safety and calm. The root bale of the ancient Japanese maple is tied using the shibari technique. This bondage art is thought to date back to medieval Japanese monasteries, and is one in which the restraints are a meditative tool for the persons involved, much like rock gardens that are perpetually reformed through continuous raking.

Both the tea house as an object and the surrounding landscape communicate the importance of balanced proportions and focus: balanced proportions free you from distractions and let you focus on what matters.