ZaZen, Stone Tea House, Meditative Alcove/ Masatoshi Izumi & Koichi Hara/ 2016

Masatoshi Izumi & Koichi Hara’s Stone Tea House Meditative Alcove presented by Gallery Japonesque

The meditation space, tea house, is a stone shell remnant from the removal of a large block of stone. The room like the skin left behind in molting is a shell, protective and powerful for the person within. The Stone Tea House is simultaneously plainly present and subliminally absent. At six tons, it is indeed heavy, yet the central prismatic void speaks to the lack of the 18 tons of stone whose removal it registers. In front of the seated viewer is another stone providing an inner landscape, a tsukubai, water basin with its overflowing water disappearing within its inside crack, allowing the ear to chase the