Owan/ Kengo Kuma/ 2016

Kengo Kuma’s Owan presented by Galerie Philippe Gravier

Kengo Kuma, born in 1954 in Yokohama, is a contemporary Japanese architect. The legacy of Japanese culture and the modernity of architectural contemporary forms constructed his vocabulary in perfect harmony with nature.

At Design Miami/ Basel 2016 Owan, a reply to Galerie Philippe Gravier’s Small Nomad House Project, embodies the ambition to initiate a new concept between art and architecture. Nomadic, removable and sustainable, Owan’s zigzag shape merges the interior and the exterior space. His inspiration comes from traditional Japanese tea bowls and fish scales.

Authentic “Bijou” or “Folly”, Owan introduces a rhythm and a variety of spatial experiences. The metal shell has an unclear edge and merges with the natural environment. A waterproof membrane is installed inside the shell. Upon application of heat, the memory alloy automatically bends to its manipulated position. Owan is at the edge of both technical and aesthetic innovation, embodying an urban revolution.

“The new experience: Owan, between architecture and landscape”

The edge is adjustable and the metal gently swings in the wind