Unda/ Anjali Srinivasan/ 2016

Anjali Srinivasan

Anjali Srinivasan is an artist and entrepreneur who has been working with molten glass since 2000. Anjali began exploring emerging and innovative technologies such as sensor control, remote tracking and responsive environments, in 2006 combining molten glass with these advanced digital mediums to create sculptures, installations and performances. Her professional background includes Fine/Visual Art & Design; she studied Accessories’ Design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi and holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts, cum laude, from Alfred University, New York. She completed her graduate studies (Masters in Fine Art, with Honors) at Rhode Island School of Design in 2007 with a keen interest in glass and digital media. Following extensive work & teaching experience across the United States, Scandinavia and Australia, she established ChoChoMa Studios, an artist studio that provides custom solutions in hand-crafted glass. Currently, Anjali directs a small team of makers at ChoChoMa Studios in Dubai as well as maintaining her own professional artistic practice and teaching at art & design universities around the world.