S AM Swiss Architecture Museum

S AM Swiss Architecture Museum

The S AM Swiss Architecture Museum is the leading institution devoted to public exhibitions and outreach programs about contemporary architecture in Switzerland. It is a platform anchored in Switzerland, whose audience and influence is also international.

S AM focuses on present and future issues concerning the field of architecture and related disciplines. Through coherent presentations, documentation and reflection about architecture and its social relevance, the main goal of S AM is to support architecture as a leading topic of professional and public concern. In achieving this aim, the Museum represents an independent position within the broad spectrum of Swiss building culture on the one hand and maintains an outlook exploring global changes and developments on the other hand.

S AM’s aims also include establishing a broad and critical discussion about future design tasks, challenges and values in the cultural context of architecture at the beginning of the 21st century. The exhibitions are intended for both a professional as well as a broad public interested in architecture.

Complimentary admission during fair week to all Design Miami/ Basel Member, Collector and VIP cardholders.

S AM Swiss Architecture Museum

Steinenberg 7

4051 Basel